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Working out regularly requires some serious motivation. Most times, just getting out of the house is the hardest part of exercising. The couch and Netflix are amazing elixirs for the career battle-worn, almost as amazing as a really great workout feels.

One powerful solution which helps scrape yourself off the couch is having an accountability partner. These partners come under the guise of a friend, a relative, co-worker, or someone you barely know. They all share the common goal to get more exercise in his or her schedule.

There benefits to having a workout accountability partner are many. Here are a few.

You depend on each other.

There is a reason you both chose each other to be your accountability partner. You’re reliable humans who wouldn’t flake out on a workout just because the latest season of “House of Cards” was just dumped onto the Internet. Reliability is something you need in an accountability partner. If they’re not game, then the whole point of depending on each other folds like a bad poker hand. When you find someone who’s dependable, however, your workouts are suddenly changed for the better and you’re ensuring your sessions are confirmed on your calendar.

They motivate you.

Sometimes a little peer pressure can be good. If you’re not feeling motivated, you can bet that your accountability partner will be encouraging you or downright nagging you until you lace up those sneakers and get out the door. They’ll need you to do the same on the days in which they struggle, too.

They understand your struggle.

Everyone has a less-than-ideal workout. The kind where you take extra breaks, don’t run as fast as you’d like, or do as many push-ups as normal. So when this happens to you, your accountability partner will know that feeling and they’ll know how to pick you up.

They celebrate your success.

Your accountability partner also knows how good it feels to shave time off as you prep for a race. They know the powerful feeling you get when you add extra weight or reps onto your weightlifting routine. They fist bump a personal best calorie burn you achieved in an hour of group exercise. Just like they’re there for you when you struggle with your workout, you can bet they’ll be next to you when you absolutely smash your goals.

You get more than a workout.

There’s something to be said about sweating with another person. When you give your all, you get knocked down and get back up, you’re vulnerable and powerful at the same time. Your experiences with your accountability partner help to gain a bond like nothing else. You form a deep friendship and trust with your partner, making the whole experience more than just workout motivation.

Our CKO family thrives off of that accountability experience. Our group-fitness model makes it so you never have to work out alone. You’re sweating alongside your fellow members, while one of our instructors is motivating you to dig deeper and push harder. Because of all the accountability surrounding you, you’re able to witness your body do things you never knew were possible possible.