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We know how much more appealing a revolutionary social media app can be over the idea of tracking your fitness manually. If you have a goal to lose weight, to log your calorie intake, or to muster up the motivation to get off the couch, then mobile fitness apps make great support buddies to help you stay self-accountable. These personalized digital coaches are always with you and most of them are free. The ability to gauge your physical activity and display your daily food journal will keep the process smart and simple.

These five fitness tracking have us jumping high:

Fitbit (iPhone and Android)

How many of us has caught someone walking in place to reach their step goal? Hey, a step is a step! Fitbit allows you to log your food, keep track of steps and activity, and create a network of both friends and fitness gurus. Accountability is everything, and friendly competition is what makes that step goal climb.

MyFitnessPal (iPhone and Android)

As the most popular fitness app on the planet, you’ve probably heard the name at least a few times. Maybe you have even tried it out for at least a little while. If you’re within the minority, this app tracks the food you eat every day, plus it keeps track of your calorie intake and calorie burn. Keeping a food journal has been proven to increase weight loss, and this app has made it simple.

Sworkit (iPhone and Android)

Can’t afford a personal trainer? Cost restraints will vanish with this solution. If a personal trainer doesn’t have a place in your budget, check out Sworkit. As a virtual personal trainer provides high-definition videos of workouts ranging from five minutes to an hour. You can even grow your network and connect Sworkit with MyFitnessPal, making the most of both apps.

Moves (iPhone)

What’s dubbed as “an activity diary for your life,” Moves provides a platform to view your everyday exercise and encourages small changes for a big fitness difference. It’s like Fitbit on steroids. Not only can you track your steps, you can also count your calories and record any and all activities by duration, no matter what your work out preference is.

Map My Fitness (iPhone and Android)

You’ve heard of Map My Run. That same company has created an app for more general workouts. Map My Fitness allows you to keep track of more than 600 activities and sports. It uses GPS to track the routes you travel and show your path at completion. It compiles statistics after each workout including distance, pace, and maximum speed.

We only covered five here. There are many apps which allow you to track specific activities as you identify them. Note: Some features have hidden fees or subscriptions but are still worth examining for the goals you’ve established.