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CKO Kickboxing “Swolemates”

What is a swolemate you may ask? Although there are a couple ways to define this term, overall Swolemates are just partners (soul mates) who are on a lifelong health and fitness journey with one another. They workout together and are each other’s motivation to live a healthy lifestyle.

At CKO Kickboxing, there are several couples who come and sweat it out on the bags together on a regular basis. They keep each other accountable, push the other to do their absolute best, and ultimately have a lot of fun! We asked three of our regular CKO swolemates to share about their health and fitness journey as a couple and about working out at CKO together. Here is what they had to say!

Couple #1: Emily and Doug

Exercising / working out has always been a hobby for us. Prior to CKO we found ourselves doing our own routines separately and occasionally together, but never really shared in those experiences. Joining CKO has changed that entirely – we’ve found that going to classes together has become a hobby that we can both thoroughly enjoy, most importantly, together. While we use each other as motivation and tend to push each other to go harder, we also find that we are very light-hearted and laugh with one another before, during, and after classes – we feel that it is important to have a good balance in this aspect. There are no other workout buddies that either of us could ever ask for – even if Doug does drip sweat in my face during partner work. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time at CKO and feel as though it has impacted our lives, our bodies, and our relationship for the better. Having a hobby in common is important in any relationship as it provides something that you both find enjoyable to do together, something to talk about and share together, and we are very happy that we’ve found this with CKO.

Couple #2: Tina and Bobbie

A CKO kickboxing triple play package was given to my wife, Tina, just over a year ago. She encouraged me to join her, but I was hesitant due to my total hip replacement.  Shelby Reno, the owner, assured me I could move at my own pace, adjust the moves, and still reap the benefits of kickboxing.

Finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging especially after working a long, full day.  It’s helpful to have someone you can rely on that knows all your excuses and will convince you to push forward even if it takes tough love. Working out together transcends into other aspects of our lives; our energy levels have increased tremendously while our stress levels have reduced significantly. We enjoy the positive energy of the instructors and getting to know other members. Our transformations over the past year have been immeasurable as we have grown stronger both in health and happiness and having someone to share this amazing experience with makes all the difference.

Couple #3: Tina and John

Big year for John and I – we will be married 30 years July 9 and we will both be 50 this year.  Two girls Ashley is 26 and Niki is 24.  Physical fitness has always been a part of our schedules. Ashley is a GVSU grad in physical education and Niki is a CMU grad in early childhood development and learning. Ashley is the assistant girls varsity basketball coach at Rockford and Niki played college volleyball – starting at GRCC and walked on to CMU team with a full ride.  Growing up the girls we encouraged the girls to participate in sports and they were always busy with one sport or another.  John coached them in t-ball and basketball in the elementary years.  John is all his girls inspiration – he has always worked out from the day I met him he has always belonged to a gym.  After our girls were old enough to drive is when I started getting serious with my fitness as the girls did not need me as much.  We encourage a healthy lifestyle with Whole Foods and exercise. I am a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor and we use oils everyday in our home. From diffusing to topical – it is a lifestyle 😊

These couples and swolemates have found an incredible benefits to sweating it out at the gym together. These testimonials serve as an inspiration to grab your significant other and head to CKO, your home gym, or hit the pavement for a run. Whatever it is, it will be even better with your loved one by your side.

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Stephanie, Health & Fitness Enthusiast