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Spring is in the air and it is time to come out of your winter “hibernation”! This “hibernation” looks a lot like this: Go to work or school, go home right after work or school, stay inside at all costs (preferably under a blanket on the couch), and repeat. If you fell into this routine, now is the time to break it. Spring forward into healthier habits and mindset!

Form Healthy Habits

Between the increased sunshine and warmer weather, Spring ignites motivation. Use this energy to motivate you to form and stay committed to a solid routine. If you begin now, you have several months of established clean and active living practices before next Winter. The hope is that it has become an integral energy-producing part of your life, that it will carry you through the cold, dark winter months.

Build Confidence

Summer is just around the corner and we only have a few more months before we are all hitting the beach in our swimsuits. I am 100% for loving the skin you’re in just as it is. Or, as they say, “every body is a bikini body.” However, when I get into the gym on a regular basis and am nourishing my body with healthy food, my confidence soars. I feel strong and love to see the changes in my body and mind. Your body may not look drastically different after a couple months of healthier habits, but your perspective likely will be. Use this time to build up both your inner assurance and your outer physique if you are feeling dreadful about bathing suit and shorts weather.

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Stephanie, Health & Fitness Enthusiast